Mobile Decision Maker
Mobile Decision Maker
Make decisions while on the go using the Pro/Con decision making process.

Mobile Decision Maker

Now available for both Android and iPhone.

Don't leave decisions to random chance. Mobile decision maker steps you through and age old and time tested Pro/Con decision making process. Working through a defined process and writing down your reasons helps make informed, better decisions, be them minor or major.

In the Pro/Con decision making process, you state your decision. Should you do some action or not. You then list reasons why you should and why you shouldn't. For each reason you assign an importance or weighting.

When you've entered all the reasons, Mobile Decision Maker totals up the results and reports back a decision based on the information entered.

Mobile Decision Maker uses a conversational style to make it easier to enter information and to make the conclusion more meaningful.

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How to make decisions

For additional ideas on how to make decisions, checkout the MindTools website. Its an excellent resource discussing many approaches.

Have other website recommendations? Let me know. Drop my a message to the support line.


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